question about migrating from 2.28 to latest version of magento

we have mangento 2.2.8, we have both a LIVE server and a TEST server. I consider it might be good to move over to 2.3.2. So i was thinking of complete fresh installation where I can copy over the orders, customers, admin users, website, store, store view, category and products… Possible? what tool do you use? you have a link about it?


as I said I have a TEST server where I can test this out, so I want to plan and if we decide to upgrade I will have evertyhing tested and configured and ready on my test site. And hence will take we only a few hours to put live (just need to update catalog, customers and orders)


my current magento theme is not compatible with 2.3.x magento, but I can live with the standard Luna template and we can install another template later…


The test server is where I prepare and test stuff