Magento 2.3.4 showing all products regardless of pagination

We just upgraded to Magento 2.3.4, and now all of our catalog product listings are showing all products, regardless of pagination. Just to be clear, the paging controls are still showing up, and they do reflect the limits that we’ve set (10 products per page for listings and 24 products per page for grid). The problem is that the *actual* products displayed on the page do not respect those limits. For example, we have a category with 380 products, and although the paging controls show the results divided into multiple pages, all 380 products are shown on the page at once. Clicking through the paging controls does not change the products listed – all products are shown all the time.


In the release notes for 2.3.4, I noticed this:


The pagination of multipage search results now works are expected. Previously, if you navigated away from the first page of search results, Magento displayed this error: We can’t find products matching the selection.”


I’m wondering if in the process of fixing this bug, a new bug was introduced?


Anyone else seeing this problem or have suggestions on how to fix it?