Magento 2 install help

Category Added in a WPeMatico Campaign

Validation Email does not come to my Email

Hi,   I am trying to download magento 2.3.2. When downloading the form asked me for validation for my email? But validation email never came to me.   Though I get email from magento every now and then about updates cause I subscribed. Even I get emails from community notifications.   Please Help!

Need Help with Products

I’m uploading a product csv from the admin. Weird.. but all of a sudden when I import a csv the category changes to an attribute, not even the category on the sheet. Any ideas? Would it be best to just wipe the db of ALL products and re-upload ?    Thanks in advance

install Magento Problem

Hi, I’m new to Magento   I ‘ve leased reseller hosting to make test on Magenta 2, but I have 2 GB RAM.I’m usingPHP 7.2.21 PHPMyAdmin 4.8.5 libmysql- 5.6.43. I don’t take any mistake during installation Magento, but install stops at any level %0 or %29 or %49 and does’nt progress. It doesn’t install. I’ve found some …

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