Alternative method required to upgrade from 2.2.5 to 2.3.4

I have tried using the Web Setup Wizard and the process gets stuck at “update is already in progress”, I left it running for 6 hours. Next I tried to do it via CLI and I can’t get past the “composer update” command as the process gets killed very time, I tried increasing the memory but that doesn’t work either, it would seem my hosting server does not have enough memory allocated to my account to perform the task.


By choice I have a plain vanilla Magento 2.2.5 installation with no additional modules or extensions, is there an easy alternative method (I’m doing this upgrade as a favor for someone so the easier the better) to do this? For example can I do a clean installation of 2.3.4 and migrate the settings and data using the data-migration-tool? Some other option? I’m getting desperate as the site was virus infected and I need to update to more secure software. The webhosting company is trying to get me to upgrade the hosting rather than doing the CLI update for me which would save me a lot of trouble.