Magento 2.3.5 – Admin 404 Not Found – Including Category Links & Else

Hi everyone.


I’m facing a strange problem right now. I did a complete fresh installation using a VULTR server and a SERVERPILOT account so the server side is completely okay as I did hundreds times before.


The problem is I can’t see the admin page it shows a 404 not found page. 

But after I clean cache the page loads normally and I can access the admin page for a while but then problem occurs again and again.


Now I looked for some solutions that posted before me, I checked the htaccess files, I checked the database settings, server’s url rewrite settings and everything. 

What am I missing? What you guys think? 

http://ip-address/newadmin is the admin link. It shows 404 before cleaning cache and after that works well for a while.

When I click on a category on front page it shows an url exactly like this “http://index.php/categoryname/