Impossible to install on clean Ubuntu 18.04 LAMP Stack

Just for the record. I just spend ±20 hours to install Magento2 on a Ubuntu 18.04 machine that hosts serveral websites. The php.ini, .htaccess, hostname.conf files etc are correct. mod_rewrite and all other extentions were added by

sudo apt install php7.3-intl  etc

etc, clean database “magento” was created in Mysql Server version: 5.7.29-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (Ubuntu)  and i run the latest version of apache: 

Server version: Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server built:   2020-03-13T12:26:16


First I tried the installation by the composer:

To get Magento 2 latest release you may want to use Github repository… Install Composer, Curl and other dependencies to get started…

sudo apt install curl git
curl -sS | sudo php -- --install-dir=/usr/local/bin --filename=composer


That gave multiple times the error :

Installing magento/project-community-edition (2.3.4)

  – Installing magento/project-community-edition (2.3.4): Downloading (100%)         

Created project in /var/www/my-site-name/magento2

Loading composer repositories with package information 

  The "" file could not be downloaded: failed to open stream: Connection timed out  


So that wont go. So I downloaded the magento.tar files, ftp-ed them to the folder on the webserver, run the privileges commands as stated. And finally run the install command from the prompt; that installed the magento on the webserver.:

Starting Magento installation:

File permissions check…

[Progress: 1 / 985]

Required extensions check…

[Progress: 2 / 985]……


[Progress: 984 / 985]

Write installation date…

[Progress: 985 / 985]

[SUCCESS]: Magento installation complete.

[SUCCESS]: Magento Admin URI: /admin_14632us

Nothing to import.

Navigating to 

showed the “Luma homepage”  


But there is now way you can go to the admin page.

It just shows a 404 error. And i’ve looked up the forum for hints to correct this, but i give up.


My final conclusion; it’s impossible to install, so people who depend on sales from the number of installed versions earn less than they should.


Adobe really should make a better install script! The current one is utterly rubbish.

I’ll wait a few months to try again. For the moment i’ll stick to the webshop i made myself. I feel bad for the people that have to work with this.

                                                   Best regards and good luck!